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LCIO Namespace List

Here is a list of all documented namespaces with brief descriptions:
DATAThe namespace DATA has been removed from LCIO all data entities are now defined in EVENT
EVENTThe namespace EVENT holds all base interfaces of the event entities
IMPLThe namespace IMPL holds the implementations of the base interfaces that are defined in EVENT
IOThe namespace IO holds the base interfaces for io of data
IOIMPLThe IOIMPL namespace holds extensions to the default implementations needed for IO
lcioThe LCIO namespace combines EVENT, IO, IMPL and UTIL for user convenience
lcrtrelThe namespace lcrtrel holds classes and functions for runtime extensions and relations see LCRTRelations for more detailed documentation
SIOThe SIO namespace holds the persistency implementation using SIO
UTILThe namespace UTIL holds convenient and support classes and methods for the LCIO objects

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