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EVENT::LCRelation Member List

This is the complete list of members for EVENT::LCRelation, including all inherited members.

clone() const EVENT::LCObject [inline, virtual]
ext()lcrtrel::LCRTRelations [inline]
getFrom() const =0EVENT::LCRelation [pure virtual]
getTo() const =0EVENT::LCRelation [pure virtual]
getWeight() const =0EVENT::LCRelation [pure virtual]
id() const =0EVENT::LCObject [pure virtual]
lcobject_type typedefEVENT::LCRelation
ptr()lcrtrel::LCRTRelations [inline, protected]
rel()lcrtrel::LCRTRelations [inline]
~LCObject()EVENT::LCObject [inline, virtual]
~LCRelation()EVENT::LCRelation [inline, virtual]
~LCRTRelations() (defined in lcrtrel::LCRTRelations)lcrtrel::LCRTRelations [inline]

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