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IMPL::TrackerRawDataImpl Class Reference

Default implementation of TrackerRawData. More...

#include <IMPL/TrackerRawDataImpl.h>

Inheritance diagram for IMPL::TrackerRawDataImpl:

EVENT::TrackerRawData IMPL::AccessChecked EVENT::LCObject lcrtrel::LCRTRelations IOIMPL::TrackerRawDataIOImpl List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 TrackerRawDataImpl ()
 Default Constructor - initializes all data to 0's.
virtual ~TrackerRawDataImpl ()
virtual int id () const
 Returns an object id for internal (debugging) use in LCIO.
virtual int getCellID0 () const
 Returns the first detector specific (geometrical) cell id.
virtual int getCellID1 () const
 Returns the second detector specific (geometrical) cell id.
virtual int getTime () const
 Returns the time.
virtual const EVENT::ShortVecgetADCValues () const
 The measured ADC values.
void setCellID0 (int cellID0)
void setCellID1 (int cellID1)
void setTime (int time)
void setADCValues (const EVENT::ShortVec &adc)
 Set the ADC vector by copying the values.
EVENT::ShortVecadcValues ()
 Allows direct access to the adc vector.

Protected Attributes

int _cellID0
int _cellID1
int _channelID
int _time
EVENT::ShortVec _adc

Detailed Description

Default implementation of TrackerRawData.

TrackerRawDataImpl.h,v 1.2 2006/08/04 16:52:47 gaede Exp

Member Function Documentation

ShortVec & IMPL::TrackerRawDataImpl::adcValues  ) 

Allows direct access to the adc vector.

Can be used e.g. to set the values: raw->adcValues().clear() ; raw->adcValues().resize( n ) ; raw->adcValues()[i] = 42 ;

virtual int IMPL::TrackerRawDataImpl::getCellID1  )  const [inline, virtual]

Returns the second detector specific (geometrical) cell id.

Optional, check/set flag(LCIO::TRAWBIT_ID1)==1.

Implements EVENT::TrackerRawData.

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