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EVENT::TrackerHit Class Reference

A generic tracker hit to be used by pattern recognition. More...

#include <TrackerHit.h>

Inheritance diagram for EVENT::TrackerHit:

EVENT::LCObject lcrtrel::LCRTRelations IMPL::TrackerHitImpl IOIMPL::TrackerHitIOImpl List of all members.

Public Types

typedef TrackerHit lcobject_type
 Useful typedef for template programming with LCIO.

Public Member Functions

virtual ~TrackerHit ()

virtual const double * getPosition () const=0
 The hit position in [mm].

virtual const FloatVecgetCovMatrix () const=0
 Covariance of the position (x,y,z), stored as lower triangle matrix.

virtual float getdEdx () const=0
 The dE/dx of the hit in [GeV].

virtual float getTime () const=0
 The time of the hit in [ns].

virtual int getType () const=0
 Type of hit.

virtual const LCObjectVecgetRawHits () const=0
 The raw data hits.

Detailed Description

A generic tracker hit to be used by pattern recognition.

TrackerHit.aid,v 1.11 2006/10/11 13:27:29 gaede Exp

Member Function Documentation

virtual const FloatVec& EVENT::TrackerHit::getCovMatrix  )  const [pure virtual]

Covariance of the position (x,y,z), stored as lower triangle matrix.

i.e. cov(x,x) , cov(y,x) , cov(y,y) , cov(z,x) , cov(z,y) , cov(z,z).

Implemented in IMPL::TrackerHitImpl.

virtual const LCObjectVec& EVENT::TrackerHit::getRawHits  )  const [pure virtual]

The raw data hits.

Check getType() to get actual data type.

Implemented in IMPL::TrackerHitImpl.

virtual int EVENT::TrackerHit::getType  )  const [pure virtual]

Type of hit.

Mapping of integer types to type names through collection parameters "TrackerHitTypeNames" and "TrackerHitTypeValues".

Implemented in IMPL::TrackerHitImpl.

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