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EVENT::LCObject Class Reference

The generic object that is held in an LCCollection. More...

#include <LCObject.h>

Inheritance diagram for EVENT::LCObject:

lcrtrel::LCRTRelations EVENT::CalorimeterHit EVENT::Cluster EVENT::LCFloatVec EVENT::LCGenericObject EVENT::LCIntVec EVENT::LCRelation EVENT::LCRunHeader EVENT::LCStrVec EVENT::MCParticle EVENT::ParticleID EVENT::RawCalorimeterHit EVENT::ReconstructedParticle EVENT::SimCalorimeterHit EVENT::SimTrackerHit EVENT::TPCHit EVENT::Track EVENT::TrackerData EVENT::TrackerHit EVENT::TrackerPulse EVENT::TrackerRawData EVENT::Vertex List of all members.

Public Member Functions

virtual ~LCObject ()

virtual int id () const=0
 Returns an object id for internal (debugging) use in LCIO.

virtual LCObjectclone () const
 Deep copy of the object.

Detailed Description

The generic object that is held in an LCCollection.

Every object stored in an LCCollection, i.e. in an LCEvent has to implement this interface.

Jun 7, 2003 fg 20040405 moved here from

Member Function Documentation

virtual LCObject* EVENT::LCObject::clone  )  const [inline, virtual]

Deep copy of the object.

C++ implementations should return the concrete type (virtual constructor). No reasonable implementation yet. Do not use this method.

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